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Stone Productions Pty Ltd

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Simple Smart Solutions

‘tailor-made’ Solutions
capturing your business process
designing your interface

Can't find generic software for your purpose? Stone Productions can develop smart 'tailor made' solutions for your specific business needs.

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Simple Interface
capturing your business process
user friendly interface

Data structure or calculations may be complex, but no need for you(r personnel) to have specific software knowledge.

Hire a Geek

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deliver Smart ideas
streamline data flows
reduce data entry time

From easy data entry, via complex modeling and calculations to extensive graphs, aggregate reports and analysis.

Stone Productions makes sure IT works for you(r personnel).

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with business knowledge

Stone Productions

a company offering software development, information management advice and website design services.

Can't find generic software for your purpose?
Stone Productions can develop smart 'tailor made' solutions for your specific business needs.

Need to crack a lot of business data, preparing a major investment proposal or a board paper?
Stone Productions can support with developing extensive financial calculation models, analysis tools and creating dashboards with graphical presentations.

Need improvement of management information consolidation and data processing time?
Stone Productions can offer advice on how to tackle your business process improvement program and develop the tools for it.

Need a slick website?
Stone Productions can design responsive sites that adapt to any screen size (from phone screens to wide desktop screens) and that can handle your data directly via a browser.

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Simple Smart Solutions

Extensive financial models, databases, reporting systems, coordination platforms, automated interpretation of technical graphs, etc? Stone Productions has a lot of experience in providing diverse solutions. See About - Products button for some examples.

The solutions provided will have a simple, easy to use interface, but will handle complex data processing and will present the outcomes smartly.

Professional Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel, Access) applications, Apple IOS apps or interactive responsive websites with PHP/MySQL are all possible.

All applications will be developed in close cooperation with clearly defined scopes of work. The products that are offered with training and service support as desired, for reasonable prices that are affordable for small and medium size business.

Stone Productions = Green

Stone Productions is a 'green' company. All hardware used at Stone Productions is powered with Solar Energy!