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Improved with Corrections for sleep Outside Curdadium Rythm, Fatgue Assessments, Explain function and emailing data !

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Stone Productions presents Fatigue Predictor. This App is a tool to predict fatigue levels expressed as an Individual Fatigue Likelihood Score (IFLS) based on the Sleep-Awake Model as initially developed by the University of South Australia. This model is adopted in many Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) that are in use in safety sensitive industries such as the Aviation industry. Many FRMS have implemented this model as a self-assessment tool. The basic calculation is often the same but different FRMS use different parameters. With this App you can set the parameters in accordance with your FRMS. There are many options to tweak the calculation model to cater for industry practise, experimentation or even individual characteristics with respect to sensibility to different fatigue aspects.

By simply selecting the hours you have been engaged in a certain activity (or have slept), FatiguePredictor will calculate your IFLS into the future so that you know when which levels of fatigue will be encountered which may implicate operational implications depending on your FRMS business rules.

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With FatiguePredictor you can do more than just basic IFLS calculations. This App offers a range of unique flexible features that makes it the most advanced FRMS solution available:

  1. You can differentiate normal activities from 'fatigueing activities' for which a different impact on the IFLS can be calculated depending on the parameters you set.
  2. Corrections for sleep outside circadium rythm can be implemented. This is particular important for workschedules that cause major interuptions in a regular sleep pattern.
  3. Duty time will be tracked and Max Duty Time Limits and Mandatory Rest Rules can be set up.
  4. Fatigue assessments (how do you actually feel?) can be entered and stored.
  5. Data can be emailed (such as; your duty period activities, IFLS results and fatigue assessments) for informing, tracking and archiving.

Stone Productions offers also other FRMS solutions or can even produce a tailor made solution for you or your organisation.
Visit the Stone Productions Website for more information.

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