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IFLS operations

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The best Fatigue Management Tool based on IFLS

The main screen (the IFLS screen) is the working screen for monitoring and predicting Fatigue. It has an IFLS section, a menu bar and an Evaluation section. (iPhone4 doesn't display the Evaluation section)

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The IFLS section consists of rows of 12 or 24 cells representing hours of a certain day. Each cell contains a letter for the main activity in that hour. This is S for Sleep, a for awake or D for Duty. Below this Activity indicator the cell contains a number. This is the calculated IFLS.

The main operation is as follows:
Select the cell for which you want to change the activity and then on the menu bar tap either Sleep, awake, Duty or Fat Act. The App will automatically recalculate all Individual Faltigue Likelyhood Scores based on the activities. The scores background will be coloured in accordance with the Display settings.

Fat Act can be used when a Fatigueing Activity took place in the selected hour. If a cell is selected and Fat Act is tapped any a or D will turn red, which will have, depending on the parameters set, an increasing effect on the IFLS. (for more information on this see Parameters page)

The App will also indicate with a dark gray background when the maximum duty time is reached and util when a mandatory rest is applicable. (See also at Parameters page)

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On the Assessment section you may enter a assessment of your perceived fatigue on on certain hour within the monitor period. By storing your assessment you can correlate the IFLS prediction with your actual fatigue and with multiple correlations you may find reason to tweak the IFLS parameters to improve the prediction of your fatigue.

Navigating to a certain point within the IFLS period can be done by tapping twice on a particular cell. (Tapping once will select the cell and the Assessment section will jump to this cell, second tap will deselect the cell again).menu bar
Alternatively you may use the Earlier and Later buttons.

By using the stepper you can set your fatigue assessment using the following scale:
0 = Start Assessment Scale = Fully Alert
  Note: 0 is used as NIL Assessment
1 = Alert
2 = OK
3 = little Tired
4 = moderately Tired
5 = very Tired
6 = extremely Tired
7 = End Assessment Scale = Exhausted

Once an Assessment is made the cell will have a black edges (unless selected when the edges are blue).

Removing an Assessment can be done by setting it back to zero. This can be done quickly by tapping on the Assessment number.

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Besides setting activities on selected cells/hours, the menu bar offers buttons to navigate to other screens.
Display initiates the Display screen for setting the IFLS Period, Display options and IFLS Colour Range. (see Display)
Parameters initiates the screen for setting the Fatigue Model Parameters, the Duty Time Parameters and Outside Circadian Rhythm Correction. (see Parameters)
Send initiates a screen for sending the complete IFLS picture together with your Fatigue Assessments. If allowed the IFLS picture will be stored with your Photos on your device. [in the PRO version Send/Upload will offer the choice to Email or to Upload to the Stone Productions Cloud]
Info initiates a screen with this Fatigue Predictor website information [in the PRO version Back you will return to the initial screen]