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Simple Smart Solutions


Below are listed some examples of previously developed software products by Stone Productions:

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Investment Project Cost Model

An extensive tool to calculates rates for a tender for a multi million dollar drilling services contract for the Gas Industry. Costing projection and financial performace indicator calculations to determine tender pricing offer.

IFLS Calculator and Fatigue Assessment Tracker

A tool for workers in safety sensitive industries like mining, aviation or health care to track their fatigue level based on their sleep-work cycle. It is for a few companies the main tool of their Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). See FRMS for more info.

Helicopter Performance Calculators

A tool that models Performance Graphs of a Helicopter Flight Manual and reduces the required daily work to determine Performance Parameters based on atmospheric conditions from 15-40 min (interpreting various graphs) to a few seconds with improved accuracy. See More - Free Products for a free demo of this calculator.

Operational Logistical Coordination Planner

A tool that calculates and projects operational requirements and the required capacity for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to optimise the planning of operational and logistical resources

Weight & Balance Calculator

A tool to calculate the required Weight & Balance data for aircraft. It offers the capacity to tailor company specific equipment/cargo configurations and to quickly assess different standard and non standard loading configurations. See More - Free Products for a free demo of this calculator.

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Stock Tracking System

A system for a grain company to keep track of all ingoing and outgoing loads and track quantities and quality parameters of storage silos.

Training Database

Training Database for use in the training department of a large organisation (>1000 employees) to track progress of required training of employees and the currency of refreshment training.

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Mobile Apps

Fatigue Predictor (Pro & Fb)  IOS

An iPhone / iPad App that predicts fatigue levels based on their sleep-work cycle. It calculates their Individual Fatigue Likelihood Score (IFLS) based on a scientific fatigue model and projects their score over time. It comes in 3 versions (a generic, a Pro and a version for use with FITBIT devices) Great tools for Fatigue Management in Safety Sensitive Industries.

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Fatigue Predictor Pro for Android

This fantastic Fatigue Risk Management tool is also available for Android devices. Know your IFLS anytime, anywhere!

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This website is an example of Stone Productions' work; it adapts to different screen sizes and has several visual dynamic features.  The QuickReport webservice is an example of an interactive website.