Fatigue Predictor Pro Support website

Dec 2018
New; Support website to review, filter and sort all uploaded (organisational) IFLS Data.
Great tool for administrators to analyse data and for reporting.

Free Stuff updated

Oct 2018
Free stuff licences extended another year. And new free stuff:
AW139 applications; Performance and W&B calculators.

Fatigue Predictor (Pro) Updates

Sep 2018
The best Fatigue Management tool based on IFLS for Apple devices now even better!

COA 48-1 Tracker

Mar 2018
New product available; CAO 48-1 Tracker; compliance to new CASA crew duty and flight time rules made easy! Can track rules for Appendices 1,3,4,4B,5 and 6!
FREE to Try!

Fatigue Predictor PRO

Aug 2017
New App ! Fatigue Predictor Pro is now available on the App Store. It is Free!


Jun 2017
Stone Productions has moved from Withcott to Highfields.

Fatigue Predictor PRO

Mar 2017
In development; Fatigue Predictor Pro This app is like Fatigue Predictor but extended and designed for organisational use.

Stock Tracking System

Feb 2017
Gehrke Grain & Transport has accepted extensions (with autorefresh report for large screens and extensive search features for Weigh-Bridge ticket records) for their system.

FRMS Application

Jan 2017
Mackay Helicopters has extended its Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) tool for another 5 years. Still satisfied with their simple smart Stone Productions product.

Stock Tracking System

Sep 2016
Gehrke Grain & Transport has revamped the evaluation of their Stock Tracking System and initiated an extension of the system.

Fatigue Predictor v3

Jul 2016
Fatigue Predictor version 3 is uploaded to the Apple App Store. On client request; extra duty tracking features.

Free Products

May 2016
Stone Productions offers some products for free as examples of Stone Productions' products. Amongst these free products will be some interesting tools for Pilots.


Mar 2016
Demo of IFLS, an Excel based FRMS tool is available on YouTube. Click on FRMS for more info.

Fatigue Predictor v2

Mar 2016
Fatigue Predictor version 2 is uploaded to the Apple App Store. It has many improvements and new features. See also new tutorial.

Stock Tracking System

Feb 2016
The development of the Stock Tracking System for Gehrke Grains & Transport has started its implementation and evaluation phase.

FRMS Application

Dec 2015
Mackay Helicopters has extended its fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) tool for another year. Another satisfied customer with a Stone Productions product.


Sep 2015
CareFlight NSW has contracted Stone Productions to develop a specific IFLS for all medical staff.

Stock Tracking System

Aug 2015
Gehrke Grain & Transport has contracted Stone Productions to develop a company specific inventory tracking system for all grain handling and storage operations.

Quick Report App

Jun 2015
QuickReport is available on Apple's iTunes Store. This App will augment the QuickReport web service.

Quick Report Webservice

May 2015
Stone Productions has uploaded a new web service; QuickReport. It is a service that will enable an easy way of information sharing about equipment, vehicles, aircraft, projects ... anything, while out of the office.

Cost Model v2

Nov 2014
Savanna Energy Services has received an upgrade to its Cost Model to enable consolidation in 2 different ways to check against accounting practices and with improved financial projections.

Cost Model

Jul 2014
Stone Productions has developed an extensive cost model for Savanna Energy Services Pty Ltd to assist in decision making to set pricing for a tender for a multi million dollar project.

Specific IFLS program

Apr 2014
Careflight Retrieval Medicine has received a new IFLS program specific for the fatigue management of its medical staff.


Mar 2014

Careflight Group

has received upgrades to the contracted IFLS and Weight & Balance programs.

FRMS Application

Dec 2013
Stone Productions has developed an Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) tool for Mackay Helicopters. An Excel application to record and archive Sleep-Awake patterns and Fatigue evaluations for pilots to fullfil CASA requirements for use of the company's FRMS.

New App Launch

Nov 2013
Stone Productions has launched an iPhone App in Apple's iTunes store.

Fatigue Predictor

This is an App to predict tiredness based on sleep-work cycle to be used in safety sensitive industries such as the aviation industry.