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Information sharing between stakeholders that operate at different locations and on different times, sometimes lead to complicated procedures of filling in reports, faxing or emailing, re-entering in information systems with lots of duplication in relaying the message. What if data can be entered with a handy App on your mobile device and uploaded to a website, where all stakeholders can retrieve and monitor the latest updated information. Wouldn't that be a simple smart solution?
QuickReport is the system that can do exactly that in an easy way.

General description

With QuickReport you can design a simple report which can be viewed and updated on the QuickReport website or on the Apple QuickReport App. The system provides 4 levels of access:

The level of access is simple; administrators determine the organisation name and the 4 passwords for the different levels of access. Users and Stakeholders can login with the organisation name and a certain password which gives them their appropriate level of access to the reports of your organisation.
It is a matter of distributing these login details to your users and stakeholders and they can all monitor the organisational reports as soon as they were updated.

Apple QuickReport App

The App provides a handy interface for updating and viewing the reports. This app has a few features that make updating reports a simple short task.


With the system you can design reports with the following fields:

As Administrator you can define your report field labels. Reports are ordered alphabetically by the labels. The sequence of your report fields can easily be manipulated by starting with a number on the report fields labels.

As Administrator you can describe report header information that can be viewed by all users. With this report header you can inform the users of the name, type and description of the report.

The report header information also contains an 'Expire' field. The expire date depends on your subscription date and type. The expire date can be extended by extending your subscriptions. Reports that are expired can no longer be viewed.