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QuickReport User Manual

User Manual

Set Up

To set up one or more reports you need to subscribe as administrator via the Stone Productions Memberships system. Via the QuickReport Signup Page your desired amount of reports will be initiated. On this page you can select an amount of reports with a 1 week, 1 month or 1 year expiry. If you already have an account and some reports in the system you can also extend the expiry date of your existing reports. It will extend your existing reports with the selected period. It will extend for the selected amount in sequence of the expiry date; reports that expire or expired first are extended first. (If already expired the new expiry date will be current date + extension period.)

After the payment process thru PAYPAL you will be redirected to your membership page which will indicate when payment process has completed. (Be aware; This can take several minutes!)
When the payment process is completed your membership login credentials are set up in the QuickReport system as administrator. Now you can go to the QuickReport system webpages (use link on your membership page).

Update Administrator Profile:

Log in as Administrator and select Administrator Profile (Home page; Operations menu). Now change the fields:

Click Save button after updating the profile fields.

Set up your Report Header information:

Click List Report Headers to view all your Report Headers. When new reports have been added the fields have been set to standard values; (Name: Report #, Type: report type, Description: description).
Click on Report # (Name) to view an Report Header and then click Update Report Header under Operations to update these fields.
(Click the Save buttion to save the changes before clicking any other link)

Set up your Report structure:

Click View Report to view the actual report fields for the selected report. When new reports have been added, the fields have been set to standard values. Standard only 1 text field (max 20 characters), 1 date field, 1 number field, 1 time field and the Notes text field are set as visible. To edit the structure of this report click Edit Report under Operations. On the Edit Report page you can change all Report Field Labels, the Report Field Contents and the Display Option for the report fields.

(Click the Save buttion to save the changes before clicking any other link)

Your Report is now ready for use by all stakeholders.

Now distribute the login name = Organisation name and the appropriate password to the groups of stakeholders that require certain access.