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Fatigue Predictor PRO

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Now fully ready for organisational application !

Coming Soon! Fatigue Predictor Pro version. Free to download and try. Subscriptions for Organisational use with data archiving functionality.

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Stone Productions presents Fatigue Predictor Pro. This App is an extension of the unique Fatigue Predictor App with extra functionality designed to use the app as a tool for organisational Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS). The Pro version will have the following features:

  1. FREE to download and try. Only for extended features you will need a subscription.
  2. You can subscribe for sole use or for multiple users within an organisation.
  3. IFLS data can be stored on a 'Cloud' and the administrator can retrieve uploaded historic data from all users.
  4. Administrator can define and upload an Organisational set of Parameters which will be used by all (regular) users of the account. Regular users cannot change the Organisational Parameter Set for consistent results.
  5. Easy to use and set up. All organisational and administrator functions can be handled with the app.

Fatigue Predictor Pro will be launched soon. Fatigue Predictor will be on Promotion before the launch of the new Pro app. Make use of the opportunities to buy cheap before price will rise again!

For any questions contact Stone Productions.

Stone Productions offers also other FRMS solutions or can even produce a tailor made solution for you or your organisation.
Visit the Stone Productions FRMS Website page for more information.
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