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Stone Productions is a company offering software development and management information support services. It can help with your information management challenges by providing advice and developing specific solutions.

Computer Wizard

Can't find generic software for your purpose? Stone Productions can develop smart 'tailor made' solutions for your specific business needs. All applications will be developed in close cooperation and will be easy to use for you and your personnel.

Business Intell

Need to crack a lot of business data, preparing a board paper or major investment proposal? Stone Productions can support with developing extensive financial calculation models, creating dashboards with graphical presentations and analysis tools.

Info Management Advice

Struggling with capturing your business growth, need better consolidated information, need improved information integration? Stone Productions can offer advice on how to tackle your business process improvement program and develop the tools for it.

Diverse Applications

Extensive financial models, databases, reporting systems , coordination platforms, automated interpretation of technical graphs, etc? Stone Productions has a lot of experience in providing diverse solutions. See Products button for examples.
Professional applications can be developed with the software you already have, such as Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel, Access). But development on other platforms such as Apple IOS or interactive websites with PHP are also possible.

your Personal Programmer

You can expect personal contact, clearly defined scopes of work and products that are offered with training and service support as desired, for reasonable prices that are affordable for small and medium size business.

You know the KISS principle?

Stone Productions is offering Simple but very Smart Solutions. That's Kisss!

Unsure what Stone Productions can realise for you? Please feel free to contact Stone Productions.

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